Senin, 12 Juni 2017

lemme tell you what is inside the pic

Well, its been 2 years already i've stayed in Bali, i almost forget about moving, about Nomad concept,  about to not buying too much stuff 🙈🙊 and about my bag storage limit. 

but as you know (as my plan) my Nomad life is forever. so 2 years is just part of my Nomad life (i guess) Anyway, today i will show you my Kingdom since i've moved to Bali and work as PA for expatriate. 

Hanging monkey: this is my masterpiece so far (copying cheap picture on internet😝)one day i took a picture of this painting and send it on whatsapp using my new whatsapp number and offer my friend discount for special first buyer.. my friend blocked me on whatsapp. ----- Basically  noone wanna buy it 🙈🙊
Updated for this monkey picture story (feb, 2018) i show this picture to my friend on video call session with pride.. 
my friend: "is that chicken?" 
Me: "No" 
My Friend: "aaahh a pig" 
Me: show it closer.. 
My friend: "its so ugly"
Me: .... 
My friend: "oh you made it" 
Me: "yes! That's my masterpiece" 
My friend:  "i will definitely buy it!, how much?" 
Me: "not for sale😒" throw it away.. 

Reminder boards: this Styrofoam reuse from last ririwadolls project--please please ignore "virtual ass" words,  i swear I'm not plan to inject silicon on my ass 😨😩😲😱-- that's just because I am too lazy to write "virtual assistant" which is that my plan for make $$€€ by remotely job.
Morning rules: that's the one I love the most. *I'm not do all of this everyday🙈. But but but drink my own smoothy, walk on the beach, drink more water and smile is always good start. Except. . I am still battling with my self about rule number #4 💦💦
Alien green flower. That's weird and nerd stuff that I thought kinda cool to put on my desk👽👽👽

Macbook pro. This is my boss belonging (of course) that I have to use for all his design work mostly artwork for music event the rest is making mediakit, flyer etc. I will tell you the secret.. there is lots of coins..yesss coin! That his daughter put it on CD rom slot and thought thats a saving box😆😅😄
Lenovo thinkpad t61. Thats my "in heritage" laptop from my belove nerd bf as he is a programmer (a mobile app developer speciality). I proud af to have it, modified it, upgraded it and play with it. Until... I broke it by accident ofcourse.. felt down from the bed.... now I still use it as a back up and also still work properly except sometimes the screen is blank. I accept it and never gave up to fix it again again and again.  I love it anyway. Dont ask how my bf reacted🙈--- he is lovely--

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