Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

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My first buy camera ---ever---

Long.. long time ago 
once upon a time there was a girl (not so cute anyway) who live in small village, the girl who always full of curiosity and imagination.

One day she and her sister was sneaking on the somebody's window-- a house of the "so rich"  family next door-- who had a box with moving pictures and the sound. She and her sister was amazed. They don't care if the owner change the channels so fast repeatedly by purpose they also dont understand that purpose is for them,  until the owner say: "hey, please back home".... then they are back.

the girl who have full imagination and curiosity start dreaming: 
dreaming to have such a good "things" to catch everything and people can watch it.

the girl has imaginary life. She everyday carry around her bag with multifunctional tools that she can use whenever and wherever she want. All the tools that can fit to her "small house" 

Tbe girl who falling in love with portable and multifuctional things. The girl who want everything is small and compact.  The girl who can't stay longer in one place to long. The girl who always prepare for zombie attack.  The girl who always love to find a good deal, cheap thing or free things. The girl who fill her bag with in heritage things from everybody. The girl who are happy with her first buy camera in her life .
The girl who will continue her life with all what she have. All what she can afford. 

Anyway this camera I bought online on aliexpress long time ago. And it arrive!!! I bought for 10 USD it comes with mounting tools and pendrive. I still need sd card to try it. But hey don't worry this small camera isn't for bad purpose. If I wanna do bad things I will not posting here or tell anybody. I am not that creepy.
I lost it. Damn. Too Small. (July 27, 2017) 

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